Hiking Antarctica

Choose Your Sport


1. Pika Monitoring  (Worldwide)
2.  Bar-headed Geese Survey (Himalaya)
3. California Rare Plant Documentation  (California)
4.  White- Tailed Ptarmigan (New Mexico and Colorado, perfect for the CDT)
5. Garlic Mustard Invasive Species (Europe, Australia, Asia, North America)
6. Wildlands South America Biodiversity Inventory (South America)
7. Millipedes Collection (Worldwide)
8. Bone Collection (Worldwide in Rivers)
9. Alpine of the Americas Glacial Photography – (North and South America)
10. Snakes in Panama -(Panama)
11. Coyote Scat Collection (Remote Locations, North America)
12. Spoonerville Brooke Water Quality Monitoring (North Springfield, VT)
13. North Slope Water Sampling  (Rivers and Coastal Waters of North Slope, AK)

Tres Chicas Locas are on an epic journey through South America for more than a year.  They are collecting data for the Pacific Biodiversity Institute’s Wildlands South America Survey.