Panama Snakes

Team Snake Panama: Digital Wildlife Photography

Snakes are feared by many humans, but are important components of the ecosystem. Team Snake Panama is working in Panama to conserve snakes while bringing awareness and protection to humans that live with and often encounter snakes.
However, little is known about the snakes of Panama and nearly 50% are threatened or endangered. Without basic information, especially concerning habitat and range, we are unable develop effective conservation plans or raise awareness in local communities about these intriguing yet potentially dangerous creatures. 

This data will help protect our slithery friends, as well as the safety of Panama’s visitors and residents.  Team Snake Panama will also use the data in their publication of a new field guide, The Snakes of Panama.


Rhinobothryum bovalii, a false coral snake


Sibon argus, a snailsucker
Volunteers will photograph snakes from a safe distance, as we can always zoom in on a digital photograph in the computer lab — much safer than intruding on a snakes personal space! Photograph candidates include live snakes and any snakes found dead on the road or recently killed by someone. It does not include snakes in zoos or captivity.


Clelia equatoriana or a mussurana

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