North Slope

Kayaking, Rafting or Hiking in Alaska?

We need you for our Water Nutrient Analysis Project on the North Slope of Alaska

Principal Investigator: Jim McClelland, University of Texas Marine Science Institute
Rivers and Coastal Waters of the Alaskan Beaufort Sea
While data from rivers north of the Brooks Range is broadly desirable, data from rivers east of the Sagavanirktok is of particular interest. This is because very few studies have focused on rivers east of the Sagavanirktok.
Water samples from rivers flowing into the Alaskan Beaufort Sea, and from coastal ocean waters in the same region, would help improve our understanding of how plants and animals within the coastal ocean are nourished. This is of interest because runoff from land to the ocean is changing. Better understanding of the role that river-supplied nutrients play in coastal waters of the Alaskan Beaufort Sea will help us anticipate how changes in runoff will impact the food web.

map of the North Slope

We need samples from everywhere North of the Brooks Range, but especially the area outlined in red.
What you can do?
Volunteers will collect water samples from select river and/or coastal ocean sites, process the samples shortly after collection (filter and add preservative), and return the samples to the University of Texas Marine Science Institute at the end of their journey. Results, including inorganic and organic nutrient concentrations, will be shared with the volunteers after analysis.
How will the data be used?
The data will be used in conjunction with ongoing work in the region (focusing on coastal food webs) that is funded by the National Science Foundation.
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