Adventure Scientists is a nonprofit organization that designs and manages large scale data collection projects. By utilizing trained volunteers, we are able to reach nearly any spatial or temporal scale needed by our scientific partners.

We are proud to partner with you in the following ways:

Project Design & Feasibility Research

​Feasibility, logistics, right-sizing data collection, budgeting, cultivating end users​

Project Build

Volunteer training, quality assurance/quality control, permitting, equipment and technology sourcing

Volunteer Recruiting & Screening

Identifying field support needs, recruiting portal buildout, recruiting and screening​

Full Project Management

Protocol development, volunteer training/management, media, reporting, fundraising, technology consulting

What the scientific community has to say:

“We have a tool now to reach many extreme environments in a relatively short amount of time.”

Dragos Zaharescu, University of Arizona, Biosphere 2

“We now have a bigger team to explore and discover everything better, working with Adventure Scientists.”

Yadi Wang, University of Arizona

“By partnering with Adventure Scientists and engaging the outdoor community I have access to previously unobtainable data, which has propelled my research in plastic pollution to the forefront of the field.”

Abby Barrows, College of the Atlantic

“Adventures Scientists connects us as a coral colony to collaborate and further build our coral reef conservation network.”

Dr. Alma Paola Rodríguez Troncoso, University of Guadalajara

“These wilderness adventurers supplied us with good, well-documented data … that allowed us to redraw the distribution map and added new evidence to an important hypothesis about how ice worms disperse.”

Roman Dial, Alaska Pacific University

“Half of my study I owe to the samples I got from [Adventure Scientists], and all the samples are vouchers now in the herbarium, so other people can use them. It’s quite a huge resource now.”

loana Onut Brännström, Uppsala University

“Adventure Scientists’ ability to seamlessly manage diverse volunteers and collect quality data in a challenging environment allowed me to focus on management implications. I highly recommend working with them.”

Kyran Kunkel, American Prairie Reserve

“[Adventure Scientists] was crucial in conducting the Olympic National Forest’s winter marten surveys, and this season’s work would not have been such a success without their efforts.”

Betsy Howell, U. S. Forest Service

“Adventure Scientists’ efforts provided us access to remote sampling sites that we would never have reached otherwise. The volunteers were careful to follow our protocols, making the data highly trustworthy.”

Michael Gilmore, Harvard Medical School

“[Adventure Scientists] provided benefits to APR not only through their collection of data but also through their photos, videos, stories, and interactions with the local communities.”

Betty Holder, American Prairie Reserve

“Working with Adventure Scientists has saved numerous person-hours, which eventually translates to quite a bit of cost savings in addition to time savings.”

Liza Holeski, Northern Arizona University

“The crew had great attitudes and worked well with our staff. I look forward to working with such enthusiastic and willing learners in the coming field season.”

Matthew McCollister, U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service

“[Adventure Scientists’] ability to reach a wide audience by connecting with elite athletes provides an exceptional service to scientists.”

Natalie Kehrwald, U. S. Geological Survey

“The Adventure Scientists crew was a great help with our intensive field research evaluating the efficacy of an experimental vaccine to protect prairie dogs from plague.”

Randy Matchett, U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Additional Strengths

Technology audit: We can make recommendations about the best field collection technologies available. Whether it’s drones, sensors, camera traps, or machine learning, we can help design the most time- and cost-effective way to get you the data you need.

Media and outreach: Our projects have been featured across hundreds of national and international news outlets. Our communications team will help elevate your work across earned and owned media platforms.

Funding assistance: Through our own fundraising, we meet people who are interested in the work our partners do. We are happy to provide connections and make introductions whenever they make sense.

 High-Quality Data From Nearly Anywhere at Any Scale

Our experience in project planning and management has taught us how to overcome perceived or actual issues with data quality and bias associated with many citizen science efforts. Each project begins with our design and feasibility study. During this process, we conduct thorough research to ensure that we collect the right kind and amount of data to ensure that your end goals are met.

tree core sampling

Data Quality

We create a Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP) in tandem with our scientific partners, carefully outlining data collection, storage, and analysis procedures to ensure we collect high-quality data. Questions about QAPPs? Contact us.


Our model ensures that you can access the samples you need at otherwise unachievable scales, both temporarily and spatially. We work closely with our scientific partners to design protocols using spatial analysis and other research to determine sampling locations, times, intervals, and more.


Our volunteers are hikers, whitewater kayakers, mountaineers, rock climbers, divers, sailors and more. They can collect data from anywhere you need it – whether that’s a remote mountaintop or across the world’s oceans. We require that each project go through a complete analysis of the permits and permissions required for volunteers to operate ethically and safely.
catching butterflies


Through more than 130 projects that we have managed on behalf of scientific partners, we have iterated our processes and perfected the art of mobilizing skilled volunteers to collect high-quality data around the world.

Helping Scientists Reach Their Data Dream

If you could get data from anywhere in the world at any scale. what could you do? Watch this video to hear how wildlife biologist Betsy Howell, microbiologist Dr. Rusty Rodriguez, and disease ecologist Dr. Michael Gilmore partnered with Adventure Scientists to hunt for an elusive species, increase crop yields on farms impacted by climate change, and help identify the genes responsible for antibiotic resistance.

Our Project Selection Criteria

We are selective about which projects we accept. This ensures we’re meeting our mission to advance critical environmental and human health research. Our criteria are:

The project must address an environmental or human health issue to which advancing a solution has previously been data-limited.​
There must be a clear pathway from data collection to lasting impact.
There must be a clear need for the outdoor community.​​​

We are especially interested in working with partners whose research advances the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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Recent Project Partners