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Wondering how you can give back to the forests, rivers, and wildlife you enjoy while recreating outdoors? Check out the latest film from Outdoor Research, The Big Office, featuring the conservation nonprofit Adventure Scientists and its founder and executive director, Gregg Treinish, and volunteer paddler Trecia Ehrlich.
Adventure Scientists gets scientists high-quality data from anywhere on the planet, at any scale. In this four-minute video, wildlife biologist Betsy Howell, microbiologist Dr. Rusty Rodriguez and disease ecologist Dr. Michael Gilmore share their experiences working with data collected by Adventure Scientists’ volunteer adventurers.

Project Films​

Mission Unstoppable with Miranda Cosgrove celebrates women who have become superstars in STEM-related careers. As an expert in ecology, Michelle works with Adventure Scientists to help track trees in their native environments, creating a sort of tree “thumbprint” for each species.

On Utah’s Wild and Scenic Green River, Adventure Scientists volunteers Lindsay Hunt and Sean Tropsa share why they love adventuring for science and what it’s like to collect water quality data that will help protect Wild and Scenic rivers into the future.
Travel blogger Flora Bidaud and companion search for Alaska yellow-cedar in British Columbia as volunteers for Adventure Scientitsts’ Timber Tracking project in 2020.
Ride along with Adventure Scientists volunteers to hear about their experiences documenting wildlife and roadkill along Montana’s roads. The data they’ve collected will help wildlife and highway managers find steps to reduce collisions.
Our Timber Tracking project has been documented with a 12-minute segment featuring our scientific partners and volunteers on Earth Focus: Season 2, Episode 3 from PBS.
Great Big Story is an award-winning media company dedicated to “inspiring wonder and curiosity.” They featured Adventure Scientists as part of their Great Big Planet series for Earth Day 2019.

Ricky Jones turned his hobby into his job, his van into his home, and his life onto a path of contributing data to science and conservation. Find out what he’s learning along the way.

Dr. Katy Prudic, volunteers, and others explain the process and purpose behind our Conserving Biodiversity: Pollinators Project.
Professional snowboarder Jeremy Jones collects glacier samples for Adventure Scientists Snow & Ice Project in the Himalaya.
​See how working with Adventure Scientists allowed Abby Bowers to amass the world’s most extensive dataset on microplastic pollution.
Slideshow by photographer Louise Johns showing what it’s like to be a Gallatin Microplastics adventurer in the heart of winter.
Gregg Treinish speaks at the National Geographic Explorers Symposium about the emerging environmental issue of microplastic pollution.​
Jaclyn Johnston sails along the eastern shore of Lake Michigan while collecting water samples for Adventure Scientists.

Canadian Broadcasting News featuring Adventure Scientists microplastics adventurer Sharon Labchuk gathering samples on Prince Edward Island.

Gregg Treinish heads to Denali National Park and explains how Subaru’s Zero Landfill Initiative can help us reduce our impact on the planet.
Where do microplastics come from? Gallatin Microplastics volunteer Kirra Paulus directed this film discussing microplastic pollution in the world’s freshwater.
Adventure Scientists trail runners monitor camera stations targeting wolverine and lynx in Utah’s Uinta Mountains. Film by National Geographic and Danny Schmidt.
​A Marten Short: Searching for Pacific Marten on the Olympic Peninsula
A look at the Landmark project by film maker and former Landmark volunteer Morgan Cardiff, Rhys Morgan Images.
American Prairie Reserve trailer from Erik Goldstein featuring some of the Adventure Scientists Landmark Crew members.
Grizzly tracking with citizen scientists from Christi Cooper
Grizzly tracking in the Centennial Mountains, Montana
Wolverine tracking in the Helena National Forest, Montana
(New York Times film)
An Adventure Scientists-led ski expedition travels through northern Mongolia to study wolverines, one of the world’s least-understood species.
How do our ‪Landmark crews collect and share wildlife data? Find out by watching this great short film from the American Prairie Reserve.
Adventure Scientists volunteers monitor motion-activated camera traps that provide new data about local wildlife populations on ranches participating in ​American Prairie Reserve’s Wild Sky program.

Presentations​ and Interviews

Marcus Pearson, Director of Program Investments, shows how Adventure Scientists volunteers use tech, mapping, and old-fashioned ingenuity to complete their expeditions.
Chicago Ideas Week celebrates the belief that when a broad spectrum of thinkers and instigators share ideas, we have the power to transform our world. Hear Gregg’s contribution to that conversation.
Gregg talks with Fred Durst from IDEO about advancing knowledge through citizen science at the 2018 Aspen Ideas Festival #Spotlight Health.

Adventure Scientists founder and Executive Director Gregg Treinish speaks at the 2017 National Geographic Explorers Festival.

The Weather Channel interviews Gregg Treinish (The Weather Channel clip).
Gregg Treinish: “Unlocking Solutions to Pressing Environmental Issues” | Talks at Google
Gregg Treinish on the TEDxJacksonHole stage describing his personal transition from bully to advocate, and the creation of Adventure Scientists.
See why Gregg Treinish created Adventure Scientists on this MoveShake Story.