Earlier this year, a volunteer with our Wild and Scenic Rivers project shared some stunning photos from his expedition to collect water quality data. We caught up with Seth Andersen, a third-generation Coloradoan living on the western slope of the Rockies. Learn more about why he chose to volunteer with the project below and check out Seth’s work at GreenFire Photography.

Q&A with Seth Andersen:

Tell me a little bit about yourself:
I work for a small college in the Photography Department and own more packrafts than any one person should. I’m currently working on a GIS degree and I have degrees in Photography and Natural Resources already.
What drives you to volunteer with Adventure Scientists?
I love the idea of outdoor recreation with a purpose. I love to get outside as most of us do but sometimes it feels a little selfish. Combining an adventure with something that can tangibly help make a positive impact is very powerful.
Did you learn or experience anything exciting while volunteering with us?
I learned quite a bit about water sampling and the power of combining ArcGIS/Adobe into a project like this. These are both software that I am familiar with but have never combined. Very cool and huge props to whoever on your team figured all that out. This project also allowed me to experience a new section of the Green River that I had not visited before. It was amazing and full of petroglyphs, twisted rock formations, and really great side hikes.
What do you like about photographing or recording videos of the outdoors and your time out there?
I truly enjoy the way a photograph or video can freeze a moment in time and allow me to revisit it. So much happens every day in our lives that it can be hard to hold onto all of it.  When I see something beautiful and capture it with a camera, I’m able to revisit that place and feeling again and again.
What would you tell someone who is thinking about volunteering with Adventure Scientists?
Just do it!  You’ll have fun and you will feel good about yourself. You will also plug into a very amazing community of people.