Story and Photos by Joe Klementovich
ASC Microplastics Adventurer

I like to think the little things we do can add up to bigger changes, no matter how massive the challenge. So over the past few months, I’ve been chomping at the bit to get involved with and sample for ASC’s Microplastics project. A photography assignment came up that involved several days in Florida Bay and the Keys, fly fishing and camping in and around the Everglades—a perfect location to start sampling. A quick look at the project map showed that there were little or no samples from the areas we were planning to go to, so with a quick email to ASC Partnerships Coordinator Alex I was signed up.
To say the least, the photography assignment was a challenge, camping on a tiny spit of sand surrounded by mangroves, chased by thunderstorms and high winds. We even had a few mechanical problems with our boat. Through all the headaches and near misses it was easy to grab a one-liter sample at any point, day or night. In fact, it was one of the easiest things to get done through the week, and at the end of the trip we felt that we got something more accomplished than just catching fish and taking photos.
For anyone working, playing or exploring our oceans and bays, doing some sampling for ASC is quick, easy and rewarding as well. So grab a one-liter bottle, some tinfoil, a GPS unit and get out there. Once it warms up here in New England, I’ll be throwing a couple bottles in with my fly fishing gear and continue to do my bit in hopes that we can make some big changes.

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