That’s right, we just challenged you by kicking this off with one of our most popular photos of all time. Maybe next year we’ll be using yours! Photo Credit: Julie Hotz

Our volunteers have some of the greatest adventures in some of the most beautiful places on the planet. To help share those stories, and stories of other adventures, we’re launching an end-of-summer photo contest with fantastic prizes from our awesome sponsors.

You can enter up to two images per category, and ideally they’ll be from your volunteering with one of our projects. There will be a winner for each category with additional at-large prizes for other truly standout shots.

We’ll be accepting entries all month long, through Sunday, September 30, 2018, 11:59pm in whatever time zone you send them from.

  • Best shot with the sun visible (Prizes from Sunski)
  • Best shot with a body of water (Prizes from Klean Kanteen)
  • Best shot trying something new (Prizes from CLIF Bar)
  • Best shot relaxing in the wild (Prizes from Paskho)
  • Best shot from a mountaintop (Prizes from Peak Design)
  • Plus additional prizes from Croakies

​The world is a beautiful place. Let’s see it through your eyes!


One part adventure, one part science. Photo by Dylan Jones