Wildlife Observations

 Wildlife Observations Worldwide Study

 The Project

Many of us explore nature all the time and wished we had a way to document and learn from wildlife sightings in our every day adventures.  Now with the use of mobile technology (smartphones), we can download an app and wildlife project therein, and log a wildlife sighting while on a hike, road trip, run, swim, camping trip, bike ride etc.  The utility of the iNaturalist app, one can georeference, embed a photograph and answer important form questions, which will facilitate researcher and stakeholder efforts to monitor wildlife species around the globe.  Questions for the wildlife observations project in the iNaturalist app address weather conditions, animal condition, species, surrounding habitat, and behavior.  The data will be used to learn about hotspots for wildlife species according to habitat, temperature etc. which might target areas and seasons to conserve species of concern.

Birds American goldfinch

Observer: bmhansen
Date: Jun 13 2021
Place: Tofino
Hairy Woodpecker

Observer: ambergris
Date: Sep 27 2020
Place: Black Hawk, CO 80422, USA
Plectrodera scalator

Observer: sayde
Date: Jun 26 2020
Place: Texas, US
American Robin

Observer: unikitty300
Date: May 25 2020
Place: Callaway Ct, Shorewood, IL, US

Observer: mtnlace
Date: May 06 2020
Place: Missouri Headwaters, Three Forks, MT, US

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 How will this data be used?

Ultimately data will be shared with wildlife managers, natural resource professionals, and other scientists and conservation stakeholders to prioritize regional and global hotspots of biodiversity and potential areas (unique habitat for certain species)of conservation interest.  Additional goals will be to share these data in a scientific publication.

How Can You Participate?

Volunteers can download the iNaturalist app on their Android or iPhone smartphones or collect data in a notebook to submit online to iNaturalist.org later.