By Adventure Scientists Staff
Vertical Nepal, a team of elite mountaineers and seasoned Adventure Scientists, recently sent us some photos and an update from their expedition, which has included collecting scat samples for our Global Microbe Study and water samples for our Worldwide Microplastics Initiative. The team, led by mountaineer and polar explorer Lonnie Dupre, just attempted a first ascent of Langju (20,885). The team scrapped their summit attempt because of dangerous avalanche conditions, but they were still thrilled to be the first humans to ever explore this untouched peak. 

We’re looking forward to hearing (and seeing) more from Vertical Nepal. In the meantime, enjoy a few photos they took while sampling for microplastic pollution just below the Tibetan Plateau.

Stevie Anna Plummer Nepal

Stevie Anna Plummer with water sample. Photo: Paul Amos

Stevie Anna Plummer Scat sample

Adventure Scientist Stevie Anna Plummer with scat and water samples. Photo: Paul Amos

To read more about Vertical Nepal and get periodic updates, go to their blog.
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