Gregg on his “Across the Andes” trek. Photo by Deia Schlosberg


Bethany Hughes and Lauren Reed on the “Her Odyssey” trek. Photo courtesy Her Odyssey

Gregg Treinish’s epic Across the Andes journey in 2006-8 was where he first conceived of the project that would become Adventure Scientists.

Now, ten years after he and Deia Schlosberg completed that pioneering trek, Bethany Hughes and Lauren Reed have followed (at times literally) in their footsteps, while still blazing an incredible trail of their own. Along the way, that team collectively known as Her Odyssey have also contributed data to two Adventure Scientists projects, bringing Gregg’s dream full circle in a very adventurous and scientific way.

The goal of the Her Odyssey project is to traverse the entire north-south distance of the Americas through human-powered means. Starting from Patagonia more than 700 days ago, they have just reached a tremendous milestone: the Caribbean Sea.

Gregg recently caught up with Bethany and Lauren on Jon Bowermaster‘s Green Radio Hour for an hour-long conversation comparing notes and memories of their uniquely shared experience. Ranging across topics including hiking logistics, Andean hospitality, and the thrill and satisfaction of contributing to scientific research through such a grand adventure, it’s a chat that gives rare insight into the world of exploration today.