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Sometimes, the most powerful learning experiences occur outside the classroom.

Our Guided Outings program got students involved in hands-on science and adventure. In addition to hiking, camping and sea kayaking, students collected data for ongoing research projects and interacted with professional scientists.

We worked with educators to ensure our programming complemented standard curriculum and supported STEM learning.

Our student outings generally lasted between 2-10 days, and were designed for students of all levels, K–University. Pricing varied based on length, location, services provided and number of students attending.



Designing an Outing

We designed projects around your interests, and the needs of the scientific community. We could organize outings almost anywhere, at any time of year.

We encouraged doing something in your “backyard”. This allowed participants to become more familiar with local wildlife, ecology and environmental issues.


  • Where would you like to go? What ecosystem you want to explore?
  • How many people will you bring?
  • When would you like to go?
  • Does the group have any physical limitations?
  • What is your budget?
  • What specific goals do you have for the experience?
Projects/Outings We Offered

Join a Landmark crew on the American Prairie Reserve
Become part of what National Geographic calls “the most ambitious conservation effort of its kind.” 6 days/ 5 nights

Survey for microplastics
Sea kayak in the ocean or the Great Lakes, and help research microplastics pollution. 3 days/2 nights

Grizzly Bear Tracking in Montana 
Gain hands-on experience researching one of the most charismatic species in North America.
3 days/2 nights

Wildlife Inventory in Costa Rica
Volunteer on a nature preserve and inventory the many species of wildlife.
12 days/ 11 nights