Community Outings

Outings for Agencies, NGOs and Community Groups

Designing an Outing

We designed projects around your interests, and the needs of the scientific community. We organized an outing almost anywhere, at any time of year.

Details to Consider

Considering these details will help us tailor a project to your needs:

> Where would you like to go? If unsure, do you know what ecosystem you want to explore?

> How many people will you bring?

> When would you like to go?

> Does the group have any physical limitations?

> What is your budget?

> What specific goals do you have for the experience?

Adventure Scientists Guided Outings engaged community groups, organization memberships, the public and military veterans in meaningful adventure and science. 

We helped to develop a project that achieved your mission, offering a fun and rewarding experience. Through this process, participants often became advocates for a project, issue or place.

We provided recruiting, logistics and training, teaching participants to collect scientific data. The data collected served research needs for the group or scientific partners in need.

Outings generally lasted 2-7 days, and took place in almost any location or ecosystem, year round. Pricing varied based on number of participants, services requested, location and duration.

Watch a video about tracking grizzly bears: