Business Outings

Company Retreats

We worked with businesses that value team building, community engagement and environmental stewardship.

Adventure Scientists offered guided retreats for companies that wanted to contribute to conservation efforts at home or around the world. While experiencing the rugged outdoors, your team could track wildlife and collect scientific data for our partner research organizations.

These fun and rewarding outings left employees refreshed, inspired and proud to work for a company that cares. Operating year-round, the retreats ran 2-14 days, and took place in a variety of local and abroad locations.

Pricing varied based on group size, location and duration.

New York Times Video: AS Wolverine Tracking

Sample Itinerary: Animal Tracking

Meet in the evening and travel to the field site. Adventure Scientists intro highlights our work, the area and the species we’ll be tracking.

Divide into small groups and spend the day learning to identify tracks, hairs, scats and other wildlife signs. Participants will be trained in noninvasive tracking techniques and learn to document and collect DNA evidence.

Additional tracking in the morning. Pack up and descend from the study site mid-day. Return to initial group meeting spot in early evening.