On Tuesday, we held the inaugural fundraising event for ASC at the Ellen Theater in Bozeman.  The event was a tremendous success, with over 270 people attending to listen to presentations by legendary explorers Céline Cousteau and Jon Bowermaster.  We gave away over $17,000 worth of prizes and silent auction items, enjoyed drinks and appetizers, and listened to Jawbone Railroad. 

             Céline and Jon both spoke about their many years of exploration, from the depths of the oceans to volcano peak to the middle of the Amazon.  Both recounted their personal journeys to work for the conservation of the wild places they explore and to learn the stories of people they meet there.  We would like to thank them both for traveling to Bozeman to share their stories and their support.

We would also like to thank our many donors who made this event possible.

Finally, we would like to thank all of those who came out on Tuesday night to support our cause.  We hope to see you all again soon!