Shark Observations

Worldwide Shark Observations

                                      Photo credit: Greg Amptman
We are looking for scuba divers, sailors, rowers, and anyone exploring the ocean to collect data on shark observations all over the world.

This data will be a part of a baseline population study for Sevengill sharks (Notorynchus cepedianus) and other species, as encountered. 

How can you help? 
Volunteers can help us by reporting their shark observations on a regular basis.  Please contact ASC if you can contribute to this project!
How will this data be used? 
Data from this project will be used to establish a long-term, population baseline study for the Sevengill shark in the Southern California area and will be a part of a database accessible to scientists and the general public at all times.  Scientists and government agencies may use the data to identify species and areas that need to be studied or protected, or to validate empirical data obtained during the course of their own studies.
Sightings of Sevengill Sharks can be logged into and all other shark species can be logged into

*We want to emphasize SAFETY FIRST: no diver should EVER jeopardize their safety (or approach or touch a shark) in order to obtain data.