Day 68: What Lurks Beneath

One of the troubles with oceans is their reluctance to yield their secrets. It is just so hard to get a good look at the creatures of the deep.

For example, within the space of half an hour today I saw a grey dorsal fin slicing the surface of the water. Then I saw a large fishy shape, about 6 feet long, under the water. Then I saw a tail, shaped like a whale tail, i.e. horizontal relative to the fish’s body, rather than vertical, but couldn’t see the rest of the creature. Then I managed to get these shots of a fish – or possibly two – who swam repeatedly underneath my boat.

But how many of these fishy body parts belonged to the same critter? Obviously the whale tail must belong to somebody else. But what about the fin? And I thought the chap(s) in the photos was about 4 feet long, but it was very difficult to gauge how far underwater he was, and hence his size.