Philosophy Friday #3…

People often – and kindly – send me good vibes across the globe, from their homes to my rowboat. I’ve wanted, and tried, to literally feel these vibes, coming at me across the waves. No luck so far, but I’ll keep trying. Maybe it’s like spotting fish, or the “Magic Eye”, and I just haven’t tuned into the right wavelength. It would be very cool indeed if I could feel the energy in the realest sense.

Why am I so eager to feel the force? It’s not just to help me through the day. It’s because I’m intrigued as to whether there are non-technological ways for feelings from one part of the world to be felt in another. And it relates to our urgent need for a shift in consciousness.

The question has been asked: even if the developed world wises up to the fact that we are trashing the Earth in a misguided search for happiness in material things, how do we convey that message to the developing world without looking like self-serving hypocrites? And how can we achieve the necessary amount of change within the time available before it is all too late anyway?

Despite my lack of success in picking up the thought waves across the ether, I believe it can be done. Everything – and everybody – is connected, and via those connections it might just be possible to achieve the shift in thinking that we need. You can interpret this any way you like – spiritually, psychologically, or via word of mouth, quantum mechanics, or the internet. A human being can change their mind in an instant. It is even possible for new ideas to arise spontaneously in more than one place at one time.

Maybe, rather than a massive and spontaneous outbreak of common sense, it will be a domino effect. We will reach a cultural tipping point followed by a cascade of new understanding. Who knows, but that billions of people already have a nagging feeling that things can’t go on as they are, and it will only take a final nudge to trigger a significant and global “a-ha” moment.

But human minds are the hardest, as well as the easiest, things to change. There are so many entrenched beliefs, and attachments to “business as usual”.

As the bumper sticker says, Shift Happens. The question remains, will it?

Other Stuff:

Another day of many seasons today, but I made good progress despite ongoing rough conditions and battling across steep waves. I am listening to “Solar” by Ian McEwan. I find his writing almost painful to listen to – he has such a vivid way of describing what goes on in a character’s mind, with all its idiocies and foibles. But it’s a great listen so far, and obviously the eco aspect of it grabs my attention too.

Rico – thanks for raising the importance of communities working together to resolve issues. I couldn’t agree more. Change is much more likely to stick when people support and reinforce each other’s efforts. Your description of Hardwick in Vermont reminded me of Modbury in Devon, which became the first town in the UK to go plastic-bag free. A woman who lived there (Rebecca Hosking) went with the BBC to make a documentary about the impact of plastic pollution in Hawaii. She was so shocked by what she saw there that when she came home she gave a presentation to all the shopkeepers and persuaded them to introduce the ban. So this is a perfect marriage of “one person can make a difference” with the need for a community to work together.

Martha – hemp is amazing! I remember meeting a hemp evangelist at an event in London. He was so persuasive that I bought a couple of bags of hemp powder to take with me on the Atlantic. Doesn’t taste great, but it’s okay mixed into porridge. Why is it illegal to grow it in the US? Even in Humboldt County?!

Cousin Juliet – good to hear from you! Much love to you and the family.

Joan – good to hear about the Attack of the Killer Tomato Festival. Sounds fun! And good to hear that public events are minimising plastic. It’s a really good way to set a good example for people to take home with them.

Jay – coffee and crumpets in the morning? tea and fruitcake at sunset???!!! just which luxury cruise liner do you think I’m on?!

Photo: time to embrace a new way of thinking. Portrait of Roz by Elena Zhukova at Half Moon Bay, California.

Quote for the day: It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you; it’s the things you know that ain’t so. (Mark Twain)

Sponsored Miles: Thanks go to Niland Mortimer, Anke Altermann and Stanley Miller.