Like Lazarus From The Bilges
Do you find that your house, or your car, or your body, sometimes goes through a bad patch? No problems for ages, and then a multitude of niggles all at once? Sedna seems to have hit just such a patch.

Nothing serious – just a number of things that aren’t quite as they should be, and the accumulation of outstanding issues makes me feel a bit unsettled and anxious. I’ve made a list of them, and will gradually get them sorted out as time and circumstances allow. But until then the anxiety is hanging over me like a squall cloud.


Roz in Antigua June 14, 2011
Still, a little fishy soul had reason to be grateful for one of my problems. It was a rough, rough night last night and I knew the footwell would be full of water this morning. Normally I would just flick a switch from inside my cabin and the bilge pump would take care of it. But I’d fixed the Sunsaver Duo problem shortly before sunset last night, and the batteries hadn’t had time to recharge and were low, so I didn’t want to run the bilge pump.

As I was dealing with the footwell the old-fashioned way – with a bucket – I found a sizeable flying fish floating upside down way down in the bilges. I thought he was a goner, but then noticed a feeble wiggle of his tail. I plucked him out and threw him back into the ocean. He righted himself and swam off. I don’t know how long he will survive in his weakened state, but his chances out there are better than in Sedna’s bilges.

If I’d have run the bilge pump as usual, I would have left him high and dry (or damp-ish, anyway) and he would definitely have been an ex-fish by the time I found him. So it isn’t all bad.

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