Raven Glacier Chugach

Toe of the Raven
Prescott College students hiked out from the Chugach yesterday-through lush green vegetation & mosquitoes, with skis on backs and hardly any snow in sight we had plenty of questions from tourists indeed.  But up high on the glaciers there is still plenty of snow, and we had success climbing and skiing multiple peaks, and traversing 4 major glaciers (Eklutna, Whiteout, Eagle and Raven) on our 17 day adventure.  This stint, is the first of a 3 phase series of sections that make up Prescott College’s Wilderness Leadership Course.

We had a mixed bag of weather, hanging out in thick clouds, rain, fresh snow, wind and even a few bright sunny days.  Highlights included gaining the Eklutna toe (technical), night time solstice tour, ice climbing, climbing and skiing on whiteout pass, Whiteout peak in a whiteout, aesthetic ridges & aretes, the Raven headwall and lots of glacier navigation.  Students also got crevasse rescue, navigation and technical skills, as well as curriculum content covered through presentations and reading.

We did see Iceworms in several locations, and were able to collect some samples, photos and GPS points of their locations (mentioned in previous blog).  As predicted the worms came out at night, when there was cloud cover and temps were warmer.  We’ll make the data hand off sometime the next couple days to Roman Dial here in Anchorage, then we’re  back to the lower 48…these guys to the Cascades, and myself to Montana.

Thanks guys, have fun in the Cascades!

Instructors: Chris Marshall (Prescott College) & Clark Corey (Adjunct Instructor)
Participants: Alec, Andrew, Anthony, Kaitlyn, Nathan and Stephanie.

Iceworm on glacier

Iceworm on the Whiteout glacier
Ice Climbing Chugach

Serac Climbing on Eklutna
Whiteout Peak Chugach

Steep climbing above a shrund on Whiteout Peak
Chugach Mountains