The Postcard Underground Surprises ASC


ASC Executive Director Gregg Treinish with a sampling of the cards that flooded in from the Postcard Underground.

Have you ever heard of the Postcard Underground? Us either until last week. Turns out there is this nationwide group of people who pick an inspiring person, group or organization and inundates them with kind words through an age-old medium — postcards. After all, who doesn’t love a little “snail mail”? Receiving these notes is the kind of thing that really can turn a day around. So even though we don’t know who you are, from all of us at ASC we say THANK YOU!
Among many wonderful things contained in the cards were these excerpts:

“Your work is important and appreciated!” – Nina (Minneapolis)
“Its amazing you’ve brought these two groups of people together” – Allison (Boston)
“Thank you for your inspired ideas and creative use of the spirit of adventure” – Anne (Seattle)
“Awesome idea! Thanks for making it happen.” – Sue (Saint Paul)

Postcard Underground, you’re welcome to send us mail anytime!


The Postcard Underground operates from around the country and, besides a first name, completely anonymously.

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