Blooming thistles are a favorite stop for butterflies of many species. Photo by Stacey McClure

This spring and summer, we’re recruiting old and new Adventure Scientists volunteers to join our Conserving Biodiversity: Pollinators project. The mission is simple: get into the backcountry and photograph butterflies and the plants they use (there are more details, of course). What you get back is a bit more ethereal: 

“I think the best thing about participating last year was that it added this additional layer to my sight as I was out hiking. No longer was I just seeing ‘some butterflies.’ I was now noticing their frequency, color, species, and relationship to the land. It awakened this whole other realm within the environment I was passing through. And I loved that.”––Stacey McClure, 2017 Pollinators Volunteer

If you’d like to see your favorite landscapes through a new lens, apply to join us for butterfly season 2018. We have one project focused on Arizona, California, Utah, Montana, and Washington, and a slightly different global project as well, open to people anywhere. 

Learn more about both projects and apply to join us today!