Andrew Schleif, an engineer from Oregon is in the middle of the trip of a life time.  He quit his day job and is hiking the Pacific Crest Trail from California to Washington.  Along the way he is looking for signs of Pika for ASC researcher, April Craighead.  The Pika is an important indicator species for climate change, and the data recorded by Andrew will contribute to an important body of knowledge.


Andrew Schleif has recorded signs of Pika on his through hike of the PCT

Andrew checked in from the trail at Agnew Meadows to let us know he has hit 900 miles already since he started on April 22nd and to send us a few pictures of Pika habitat.  He has already seen one group of Pika, and has been on the lookout for more.  Check out Andrew’s blog of his adventures at is invited to participate in the Pika study whether you are a weekend warrior or headed out on an extended adventure.  Check out our Pika page to find out how