Ice Warrior Quest To Reach The Northern Pole Of Inaccessibility

Induction Weekend coming up on 8th – 10th July

Accomplished polar explorer, Jim McNeill, founder of the successful 10-year-old Ice Warrior Project is looking for experienced adventurers or complete novices to take part in an extraordinary journey. 

The Northern Pole of Inaccessibility remains the last significant place on earth as yet unreached by mankind.  By definition it is t

he furthest point from land on the Arctic Ocean (the very centre) and 270 miles from the Geographic North Pole.  The expedition will start in mid February 2012 and finish in May. The journey is an 800 mile, 80 day expedition, divided into 4 legs of 20 days and team members are being sought for each of the legs.  A fully comprehensive training programme will ensure that all participants are safe and competent polar travellers, gaining skills that will be really useful in both business and life. 

Throughout the transect and under the guidance of the world’s leading scientific authorities, team members will be gathering brand-new scientific data to document the condition of the Arctic Ocean and establish a benchmark for scientists to compare year-on-year.  The rationale being, if we are not monitoring the state of the Polar Regions how will we know if anything we are doing in our own back gardens to mitigate climate change is actually working?

To begin their journey applicants will take part in an Ice Warrior Induction Weekend, held in a remote location in the UK.  The aim of the weekend is to take them out of their comfort zone, just a little and give them a chance to sample what they may have to go through on an Arctic Expedition. It’s all about teamwork under pressure, ingenuity, innovation, camaraderie, concentration, interpretation, resolve, determination, empathy, communications and – of course – fun.  As well as an opportunity to get to know them and assess if they are suitable to undertake training for a polar expedition it is also their opportunity to learn about Ice Warrior and how they operate. 

The Induction Weekend will then be followed by: 5, 2-day technical courses based in Devon, 1 week of Basic Polar Training, 1 week of Advanced Polar Training and a 1-week Training Expedition.  Although the training process is modular and individual courses can be undertaken at any stage.

Participants will have to invest in their own training, costing a total of £6,200 (assuming they are novices) plus kit and equipment which may total £3,500.  They will also need to raise £12,000 each towards the overall cost of the expedition.  The expedition will require commercial sponsorship, which Ice Warrior and team members will be pursuing.  Ice Warrior will train the team and furnish them with materials to raise sponsorship and media awareness.

“I am looking for determined people with the right attitude and commitment who have enough time to put in the effort required.  It’s not easy, if it were lots of people would be doing it and the pole would have been reached by now.

The total amount needed to take part is £22k and if someone told me when I first started polar exploration way back in 1984 that I could get out on the Arctic Ocean and take part in a World First for this amount I would have bitten their arm off!

This is a tremendous opportunity for someone looking for a life changing experience ending up with a whole new set of life skills and lifelong companions.”  Jim McNeill


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