Our mission: to explore strange new waters; to seek out new life and new algae conditions; to boldly go where no kayak has… oh, sorry.  Got a little carried away there.

Turns out we get to do SCIENCE after all!  In fact, we get to do DOUBLE SCIENCE.  We were contacted last week by Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation, who had finally found us a partner scientist from Vancouver Island University who is studying algae blooms.  We’ll pick up water samples from blooms and note the surrounding environment and conditions, and ship them back for analysis.

In addition, a paddling buddy from Bellingham found out about our trip and asked if we could take water temperature readings throughout our voyage.  He has conducted studies witht the Coast Salish Tribal Canoe Journeys and OARNW, and our readings can help add to his data set. Down to the wire now: I’m picking up the temperature sensor tomorrow, and the vials for water samples should be on Tracy’s doorstep tomorrow.

I like having a greater purpose for the journey.

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