There are few places left in the world that remain essentially as they were 10,000 years ago. The Okavango Delta is such a place, according to those who’ve been there.

ASC Executive Director Gregg Treinish is headed home after an expedition in the delta, and just sent in his final audio diary from his trip, as well as several more photos.

“[Right now] I feel really inspired,” he says. “I feel really moved by what’s here, and I feel so incredibly lucky to be part of this ecosystem and this project.”

Listen to the recording here:


Raw hands after days of poling.


Dragging boats over land


Celebrating the arrival in Mombo

“We’ve been calling it the holy land, and finally we have arrived,” he said about Mombo, a remote part of the delta where they arrived a few days ago.

Navigating a pod of hippos


Watching elephants walk past camp

“Spectacular groups of hippos and elephants surround us, and lions are in the distance. Lechwes (check spelling) all around. The sounds are overwhelming the feeling of true remoteness is at times breathtaking.”

It was in Mombo, he said, that the compelling value of this wilderness became clear. 

-Emily Wolfe

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