A few members of the January Landmark crew are staying on in February, and are joined by two new teammates Emma and Lindsay. Get to know the new folks here:


Emma Avery hails from the Pacific Northwest, and feels most at home in coastal rainforest and by the ocean.

Exploring an interest in natural sciences, she completed a Bachelors of Science in Applied Biology at the University of British Columbia, in Vancouver, BC. She paired those studies with summers working on local farms and weekend explorations into the nearby mountains. Until recently, she has been working at the UBC Farm, a research and teaching center on the university campus, where she worked to engage the local community in sustainable food production. 

Switching tracks to Landmark, Emma is excited to be involved with a conservation project, and getting to live out her dream of being outside all the time. Most of all, she can’t wait to experience the vastness of the Great Plains and learn from an entirely new ecosystem.


Lindsay King is a 2014 graduate from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC. During her studies, she focused on Plant and Soil Science. Lindsay put herself through school working summers as a reforestation technician from remote and wild locations throughout British Columbia. 

This work gave her the confidence to explore backcountry areas around the Pacific Northwest and ignited her passion for restoration and protection of wild spaces. 

Lindsay grew up exploring the grasslands around her hometown in the Okanagan Valley, in British Columbia’s Southern Interior. As a result, she has developed a deep appreciation for these sensitive and arid landscapes and the plants and animals they sustain. She is very excited to experience the grasslands of Montana and contribute to their conservation. 

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