Wildlife Connectivity End-of-Season Survey


Wildlife Connectivity 2020 Volunteer Experience Survey

Thank you for volunteering your time and effort to Adventure Scientists’ Wildlife Connectivity Project! We appreciate everything you have contributed to this important research. These surveys help improve our project management, so we welcome your feedback! 

If you have signed up to volunteer for multiple seasons, we request that you complete a volunteer survey once per year. 

We estimate that this survey will take you 30 minutes or less. The questions in Section 4 (Volunteer Contributions) are required for our reporting systems. All other questions are optional. As a small way to say thank-you, we will send you a gift upon completion of this survey (and you get to choose which prize is yours!) 

You are welcome to submit an anonymous response to the survey. If you want us to mail you a prize, send us a email to let us know you’ve completed the survey and we’ll ship the prize to you.

Background Education

Project Impact

Conservation Actions

Training, Technology, and Protocols

Volunteer Contributions

Volunteer Experience

Moving Forward

The following questions are optional. We ask that you share information on your personal demographics and your experience volunteering with us, to help us move toward our goal of centering equity, inclusion, and justice in our work at Adventure Scientists, and in the outdoor adventure community as a whole. We want to be sure we’re reaching diverse volunteers, identifying opportunities for improvement, and strengthening inclusive practices at our organization. Responses to the questions below will not be connected to identifying information (your name or contact information).

Swag Give-Away!

Congrats! Thanks for filling out your volunteer experience survey! To express our appreciation, we would like to send you a gift. If you would like to opt out of receiving a gift, do not respond to this survey. Otherwise please respond by requesting one single item that is most useful to you. If you submitted an anonymous response, email us and we will happily mail you a gift.