Mongolia FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions – Mongolia Wildlife Expedition

What will you eat?

Along the way we will be resupplied by reindeer.  The nomadic people of the Darhad have been using the species along with horses for generations and will bring us our food at four strategically planned locations. 

How much will your packs weigh?

Generally between 35and 50 lbs.  The weight will vary depending on how much food we have with us.

How long will you hike?

We expect our route to take about 30 – 35 days which means we will average about 12 miles per day.  We know this will be challenging with large packs, so we are open to reexamining our route once we are on the ground. 

Where will you sleep?

We are bringing Mountain Hardware Direkt-2 tents and will sleep in them every night, unless there are clear skys and warm temps in which case we’ll be sleeping under the stars 

How cold will it be?

The average down in the valley during the month of April is about 11 degrees F at night and 30 or so during the day.  Because we calculate about 3 degrees colder/ 1000 ft. of elevation, we expect average temps to be about 5F at night and 25 during the day.  

How will you travel?

By classic nordic skis (Madshus EON) and on foot.