Find a Mentor

These people have agreed to help with your adventure. All of our mentors have extensive experience in planning, acquiring sponsorship, and carrying out science based expeditions. We are please to help you find someone more specific to your adventure. Simply contact us and describe your project if you would like us to find a mentor for you.
    • Name
    • Gregg Treinish
    • Deia Schlosberg
    • Jon Bowermaster
    • Eric Larsen
    • Conrad Anker
    • Trip Jennings
    • Justin Lichter
    • Doug Stoup
    • Kris Erickson
    • Willie Benegas
    • Andrew Skurka
    • Roz Savage
    • Alison Gannett
    • Mikael Strandberg
    • Roger Chao
    • Kit Deslauriers