Well over a million people have read about ASC in the past month, since Men’s Journal included our founder Gregg Treinish on its inaugural “50 Most Adventurous Men” list. The honor seats Treinish alongside a slew of the world’s movers and shakers including conservationist M. Sanjayan, free solo climber Alex Honnold and big mountain snowboarder Travis Rice.

Calling him “an adventurer melding environmental activism with exploration, the article portrays Treinish as someone exploring new terrain—not only in the wilds of Africa and Mongolia, but forging new ground in conservation.

Watch a video of ASC Executive Director Gregg Treinish in a Men’s Journal roundtable alongside free solo climber Alex Honnold, ski base jumper Mattias Giraud, 

and expedition climber Mike Libecki:

As a kickoff for the story, Men’s Journal hosted a roundtable discussion, inviting several of the men including Treinish to New York to participate. 

“We wanted to bring a few of the guys here and have that discussion about what adventure is, and how different people define it,” said Ryan Krogh, the lead editor on the project. “Everyone on that list has a different measure of [risk versus reward], because we decided to define adventure a number of different ways.” The editors purposely chose a broad variety of people, all of whom are active in their fields today. 

“We wanted them to be doing things now,” Krogh said “We don’t want your legendary explorers who are 70 or 80. We wanted people who are continuing to explore, to push boundaries, and to define what an adventurous life can be.” 

For Treinish, it was especially cool to have several other ASC athletes and supporters on the list including Eric Larsen, Conrad Anker, Jeremy Jones, Tyler Bradt and Erden Eruç.

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