​A long-time local of southern Ontario, Mitchell Flowers graduated from McMaster University with a degree in Biology. During college, he helped with local forest restoration and spent time conducting research on whales and dolphins off the coasts of Hong Kong and Taiwan.

For three months, he lived in the Amazon while helping rehabilitate rescued pumas and jaguars and recently spent two weeks in Jasper National Park. Here, he hiked alone through the Rocky Mountains to collect grizzly scat for the Foothills Research Institute. He found good company among wolf tracks and a young cougar that followed in his footsteps. In 2016, his studies will continue with the University of Alberta, where he’ll use scat detection dogs to investigate the distributions and diets of Banff’s big predators.

Eager to experience another iconic ecosystem and contribute to its future, Mitchell can’t wait to walk the horizon with neighbors as wild as bison, coyotes, and his fellow crew members.



​Eli Allan grew up in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula—first on the beaches and dunes of the Lake Superior shore and later in the hockey rinks of Sault Sainte Marie.

Now a Conservation Photographer, Eli has also been a Project Manager, a Trail Crew Leader, an Arborist Tree Climber, a Bicycle Messenger, an Americorps leader, and a Deckhand. Between work and travel he has visited nearly every ecosystem.

​Eli could not be more excited to join Landmark on the American Prairie Reserve. And get back to his childhood roots of trudging through snow in layers of wool sweaters. When not working with a camera, or carrying boulders across mountains, Eli enjoys good coffee, great stories, and beautiful landscapes.




Keegan Mobley was born on a military base in Japan and grew up in homes all along the east coast of the United States. This constant shifting has spurred his sense of adventure and interest in the environment. This led to his graduation from Virginia Tech with a degree in Wildlife Science.

He has worked with box turtles and land restoration in the Illinois prairie, carnivores and camera traps in the Appalachian Mountains, desert tortoises and habitat damage mitigation in the Mojave Desert, and venomous snakes and habitat selection in the forests of Alabama. He hopes to travel the world and one day work with the Japanese giant salamander.

As an avid photographer and energetic explorer, Keegan can’t wait to scour the prairie, uncover its mysteries and help protect them for future generations.


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