Elaine Kennedy grew up in Southern Ontario and graduated from the University of Guelph with a degree in Environmental Science, majoring in Ecology. For the past two summers, she has performed environmental monitoring on the Canadian prairies for the Canadian Wildlife Service and Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute, steadily increasing her passion and knowledge of prairie plants, wildlife and culture.

In her spare time, she enjoys rock climbing and backcountry hiking, which have taken her to the wilderness of the Canadian Rockies, coastal British Columbia, the central and western United States, and Iceland.

Elaine is also an enthusiastic wildlife photographer and cannot wait to get to the American Prairie Reserve to expand her knowledge of prairie conservation and snap some shots of bison, pronghorn and sage grouse.


Elizabeth Mullen graduated from Carroll University in Waukesha, Wisconsin, and received her B.S. in Animal Behavior, minoring in Biology and Psychology. She has worked at a variety of places, including the Cosley Zoo in Wheaton, Illinois, a home to injured animals.

She has interned at The Conservation Foundation and, most recently, at Willowbrook Wildlife Center, where she has been honing her skills as a veterinary assistant for wildlife. Her work experience has shown her the impact human growth has on wildlife, inspiring her to further develop her interest in field of Conservation Biology and make a positive impact on both wildlife and humans.

In her free time, she enjoys hiking, rock climbing, reading, and watching the Black Hawks.


Eric Andrews is a recent graduate from Northland College where he majored in Biology and minored in Environmental Studies. Raised in Chicago, he has a strong connection to his home city, but his four years of undergraduate studies in the north woods of Wisconsin made him feel at home on the shores of Lake Superior.

Conservation is important to Eric, and he hopes to use skills acquired during his time on the Landmark crew to pursue a Masters degree in Conservation Biology. He spent last summer canoeing six days a week and studying the behaviors of common loons and their nesting habits. One of his favorite hiking spots is Devil’s Lake State Park.

Eric is an Eagle Scout and a board gamer, and he is immensely excited for the adventure waiting for him on the prairie. 


Kaitlyn Lemon is an environmental scientist and educator. She has a degree in Natural Resources Management with an emphasis on Ecology.

Kaitlyn has worked throughout Michigan, the Pacific Northwest, Costa Rica and Hawaii as an ecologist, wildlife biologist and conservation crew leader. As a dedicated steward of the Earth, she volunteers with local and international nonprofit organizations during the off-season.

A wandering dreamer, explorer and adventurer, Kaitlyn spends her free time traveling, couch surfing, backcountry camping, snowboarding, surfing, practicing yoga, writing poetry and making music.


Tim Brtis graduated from University of Wyoming in May of 2012, with a double major in Wildlife and Fisheries Biology and Management, and Environment and Natural Resources.

He has worked a wildlife research position in southeast Alaska, an environmental education position in South Carolina, an aviculture and environmental education position in Connecticut, and two positions at a wildlife rehabilitation center in Illinois—one as a seasonal animal keeper, and one as a clinic assistant volunteer.

Tim enjoys many outdoor activities, especially rock climbing. He is thrilled to join the Landmark crew because of its beautiful setting and unique blend of wildlife research and conservation. 

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