After graduating with a degree in Theatre, Tom Offer-Westort is now studying Biology at the University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh. He plans to go to graduate school for Wildlife Ecology, with a focus on wolves in grasslands.

Tom enjoys spending his summers traveling and being outdoors. His favorite trips include canoeing the Mississippi River, sailing the Inside Passage, and hiking a 500-mile trail in northern Scandinavia. He has also volunteered with Wisconsin’s large carnivore survey, used to estimate wolf abundance in the state.

Tom sees Landmark as an opportunity to gain firsthand field experience studying grasslands.


Gabby Keating grew up in Queensland, Australia. When she was four, her family spent six months in a tent as they camped their way around Australia. She believes this is when her love for the environment was born.

Since graduating from Griffith University with a Bachelor of Science in Ecology and Conservation Biology, Gabby has studied Humpback Whale distribution on the Gold Coast, soldier crab behavior on Stradbroke Island and has worked in a green sea turtle clinic on Magnetic Island.

Keen to explore this new environment and see diverse wildlife that she can’t find back at home, Gabby is excited to live and work on the prairie.


Josiane Segar was born and raised in London, UK, and now spends most of the year in Edinburgh studying Ecological and Environmental Science—with easy access to the Scottish Highlands.

Josiane always seeks to combine her interest in wildlife with her enthusiasm for hiking, and spent last summer working and trekking through Iceland. She believes that communicating issues about the environment is essential in solving them, and to this end set up an alternative environmental education nonprofit working in Edinburgh to teach teenagers about things like climate change.

This summer, she is looking forward to the practical application of her degree in one of the most unique habitats in the world.


Born and raised a Texan, Travis Coats spent many summers growing up playing in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. There, he developed a passion for the outdoors and an attraction to wild isolated places.

After high school, Travis lived in Sweden, studying social entrepreneurship for a year before traveling through Europe and western Africa. The following year, Travis spent three months walking and hitchhiking across South Africa. 

Following that experience, Travis enrolled in the University of Montana, where he will graduate with a degree in Wildlife Biology this December. He has spent the last few summers working odd jobs including carpentry and landscaping, and is excited to finally be in the field.

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