Due to poor visibility on Denali, Lonnie will be catching a little R&R today.

He will remain at 9,600ft in his snow cave, which is just large enough to sit up in. He plans on taking a long nap until about 3pm today, writing in his journal and then having bacon and cranberry pemican for dinner.

Lonnie is using an MSR stove(shown above). He has trusted MSR stoves for many of his Polar and Denali expeditions. A reliable stove is a must, and would be a life and death situation if it were to break. It’s used for cooking and most importantly melting snow for drinking water. It burns 20oz of white gas for approximately 126 minutes and weighs only 14oz. Lonnie said he is very happy with how it has been functioning on Denali.

Tomorrow, Dupre will be heading up to the 11,200ft camp as long as the weather clears enough for him to see at least 100ft ahead. We’ll keep you posted on his progress tomorrow. Upward!