Happy New Year from Denali!

It’s 9pm Alaska time on New Year’s Eve and Lonnie is just calling in after one long day. He finished building his snow trench at around 8:15pm this evening and is now working on getting dinner started.

Lonnie spent the day working his way from 12,700ft to 14,200ft. He managed to work his way up Windy Corner which withheld it’s powerful gusts just long enough for him to work his way around it.

Once Dupre climbed above windy corner he encountered numerous, large crevasses from where the Birchron Glacier comes off of Denali.

The weather today consisted of gusts plummeting the wind chill down to -60 Fahrenheit. Lonnie said he had to keep kicking his feet for at least half the day in order to keep them warm.

Tomorrow is a day of resting, charging all electronics and organizing all supplies for high camp.

Until next time, upward!