Coming up this fall – a family of adventurer-scientists treks the edge of Malaspina Glacier.

What would it be like to live on ice? In the fall of 2011 we will set out to spend two months living on the shifting, melting surface of North America’s largest glacier, along with our two young children. Trekking between a series of camps on the Malaspina Glacier, on Alaska’s remote and harsh Lost Coast, we will explore this dramatic and wild landscape, weather the fall storms, and document climate change in action.

Working with ASC, we will make observations of the glacier’s rapid change, and maybe find some ice worms along the way.

We (Erin McKittrick and Bretwood (Hig) Higman) are  a part of Ground Truth Trekking – a small Alaskan nonprofit that seeks to explore the big conservation issues facing our state through a combination of careful scientific research and on-the-ground expeditions.  Our work includes issues such as coal in Alaska, Alaska mining issues, and climate change.  And we always have a few new Alaska expeditions up our sleeve.

We’ll be updating from the ice.  Tune in.  9/15/11 – 11/15/11