ASC Adventurers Steve and Katrijn have been living their dream: hiking, packrafting, and traveling the world.  Last year they found rare lichen while hiking the Great Himalaya trail and most recently they are exploring South America.  Along the way they have been recording obsevations for our Wildlands Biodiversity Inventory, taking photos of glaciers for Project Pressure, and once again collecting rare lichen.  Steve recently wrote us an update on his adventures.  To view his photos visit their blog,  

The Glaciar O’Higgins calving from the Southern Patagonian Ice Cap into the southwestern arm of the Lago O’Higgins. Aysen. Patagonia. Chile. Photo Credit:

Hola ASC,

We have been collecting a lot of pics for the Project Pressure project, and above you will find pics of the Glaciar O’Higgins which calves in the huge Lako O’Higgins from the Southern Patagonian Ice Cap. This viewpoint is reached by a remote trek in the southern tip of the Aysen region, in Chilean Patagonia. Only a few determined people a year reach this remote rocky outcrop mirador.

The interesting aspect you will notice in the pics, is the first night, we scrambled up in very windy weather to find the glacier without any icebergs in front of the 60m high sticking out-of-the-water , 3km wide glacier. After a stormy night, and  with wind-still, sunny conditions, we hiked up again.  We were astounished with the view: there was a huge shelf of a least 1 mile long that had calved off during the night forming a huge amount of ice and bergs in the lake!

We’re heading into the Cordillera Blanca and Huayhuash the upcoming 7 weeks, with a lot of data collecting in the pipeline  In July we’re heading back to Colombia, to explore the Cocuy range

We had found a good sample for the lichen project on a high ridge in the San Lorenzo massif (Aysen, Chile), but it was confiscated at the Buenos Aires airport. I had to do quite some explaining there, but got away with it, but without the sample. They needed a letter of clarification for the project, so they didn’t believe me, they thought  i was smuggling!   

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Saludos from Huaraz, Peru.

Steve and Katrijn