Amanda Smith is one of our inaugural Landmark crew members from Madison, Wisconsin who currently lives in Flagstaff, Arizona. She is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin in Madison with a BS in Zoology and spent the last year working for a non-profit conservation organization as a volunteer coordinator and field leader.  Her favorite part of being outdoors is experiencing the incredible details in an environment that build up the big picture we all enjoy.  

When asked to reflect on her experience on the Landmark crew, Amanda replied, “It really just takes perseverance, the right pair of pants and waterproof boots. If you can take on 15 miles of zero degree weather there’s nothing else that’s going to stop you.”

Watch Amanda’s full interview below:

Amanda’s parting advice: “I hope that everybody who comes here has enough time to get out of their vehicle and take a look around and feel the quiet and stillness and space of it all.” Take your chance by applying to join Landmark today.

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