Several members of the September and October Landmark crews are staying on in November, and are joined by three new teammates, Trent, Jennifer and Tony, our first returning crew member. Get to know the new folks:


Having grown up on the Kansas prairie, Trent Banks is no stranger to the vastness of the Great Plains. He came to his love of the outdoors during childhood trips to America’s national parks, and has been pushing deeper into the country’s wild places ever since. 

Trent now lives in Seattle, Washington where he has worked as baker and spends his time running trails, climbing mountains and writing music. 

He began to connect his drive for adventure to his passion for conservation upon moving to Washington, working with Conservation Northwest and ASC on wildlife monitoring projects in the Olympic National Forest and the North Cascades Ecosystem. He’s excited to apply his passion and knowledge to his native environment on the American Prairie Reserve.


Tony Mancuso grew up hiking and camping around eastern Pennsylvania. He now works as a senior trip leader for the nonprofit outfitter Splore in Moab, Utah, which operates whitewater rafting trips for people with disabilities. 

With a degree from Mansfield University in Geography, Geology and Outdoor Leadership, Tony a passion for science, wilderness preservation and interpretation of the natural world. He fell in love with the American West on a three-week backpacking tour of the Sonoran and Mojave Deserts. 

Tony records some of his experiences on his blog “Staff, Stock, & Oar.” In his free time he enjoys whitewater kayaking, sport climbing, backpacking, skiing and fly fishing. His favorite book is Dune.


Born and raised in the Arizona desert, Jennifer has developed a passion for outdoor adventure through traveling, as well as appreciating the beautiful climate she calls home. 

As an undergrad studying Molecular Biology and Ecology at the University of Arizona, Jennifer spent her time working with captive raptors at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum and on a geobiology project at Biosphere-2. Since graduating, she has researched warblers in the mountains near Tucson and prairie dogs in Grasslands National Park, Saskatchewan. 

In her free time, Jennifer hikes, scuba dives and snowboards. To wind down, she enjoys a good book and a cup of tea. She is looking forward to continuing her adventures in the North American prairies and is excited to acclimate to her first cold prairie winter.

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