Photos and Writing by Brady Ross
ASC Landmark Crew Member

This is the time to be on the prairie. Calves are roaming the hills, testing their mental courage against oncoming vehicles. Pronghorn and deer fawns are soon to join them. The prairie flowers are in full bloom, the evening primrose dots the land with its pure whiteness and every evening it turns to a shade of pink to match the sunset.  It is a time of excitement and rejuvenation, where we can breathe in the air and watch wind conquer the lush grasslands. The prairie is a landscape of history and stories. It doesn’t take much to get your feet dirty in the soil and feel the life between your toes. 

May 12
It is in the clouds
these prairies unfold for us
an ecstatic feeling
May 13
Sentimental stars
Milky Way tenderhearted
forever ago
May 15
in the sagebrush fields
afoot grass
May 15
Our hearts will stay here
it lingers in the prairie
and will never leave
May 15
From sagebrush to grass
from calves to the buffalo
the mud hits us all
May 21
guides our dreams, each night
sleep deeply
June 2
Ryan rocks
Wind, again with the wind
Ryan rocks
June 3
Hush to storm
the brush sways and sings
Storm! Hish-hush

An avid rock climber, photographer and nature-geek, Brady Ross has a degree in Geography from South Dakota State University. Learn more about Landmark and other ASC projects on our website, the Field Notes blog, and by following us on FacebookTwitterInstagram and Google+.