Greg Tsairis, a native of Maine, graduated from St. Lawrence University in 2008 with a major in Studio Art and minors in Outdoor and African studies. Greg has worked as a wrangler, snowboard instructor, art teacher, and guide in the Greater Yellowstone area. Greg is a member of the April Landmark crew which has been involved in the release of more bison on the American Prairie Reserve.

From Greg:

I dreamt of dust. I dreamt of thunder. Just as the stars in the heavens cannot be counted,  the beasts  before me were too numerous to number.  The land  trembled as hooves struck earth, with one-ton masses of shear muscle and resolve riding high. The air was thick with scent and heat and wild energy.  The american bison, the buffalo, had returned to the prairie.

They call it the Hi-line. A vast expanse  of Montana plains,  stretching from the Rocky Mountain-Front eastward along the Canada line.  Grass, wind, and people as tough as their boots characterize the region. Beneath an austere and desolate facade hides an intricate  and beaming existence.

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