Last Resupply
I am at my last main resupply in India and moving right along as the days are counting down. I actually found Corn Flakes here and a new lighter so things are looking up for the next stretch. Besides for that it is still slim pickings. The usual resupply now is filling my pack….corn flakes (the sugariest cereal I can find, so I buy plain sugar to add to it), potato chips, leftover oatmeal that I have been carrying for about 3 weeks now and keep thinking I might eat it, instant noodles, and some random not very good candy bars that are only .25 cents. Enough about that. I will be happy when I can get to a supermarket to say the least.
Besides for that I had a slight change of plans on my last paved roadwalk and realized India is a different animal than Nepal. Roads are fairly commonplace compared to Nepal and some of them are sealed and have buses running on them. Needless to say after getting nearly killed for the umpteenth time (driver’s are absolutely crazy here) I have decided the purism is for the trails in the country and to utilize the bus service when the paved road is on my route. The paved road walking was the most dangerous thing I have done on the whole hike. The roads are windier and narrower than in Norway and the driver’s are more agro than NYC cab drivers. Enough of that. Spend my time on the trails and in the backcountry. The mountains have been awesome the last few days with a bunch of high passes, crappy weather, nice people, and beautiful country. No complaints at all. More to come and some good stories when I finish and get back to town in 6 or 7 days. Just to whet your appetite…….I am now a master goat milker.

Dreaming of a bic lighter. One broken Nepali lighter and one Indian lighter that’s not working. Looks like uncooked noodles twice a day for the next three days.

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