Sea Ice about 500 miles north of Japan from the plane

Our flight was delayed from Korea to Mongolia for 23 hours so we are spending the night in Icheon, South Korea.  They put us up for the night at the Hyatt, this is definitely the fanciest accommodations we will have for the remainder of the trip.  Pretty nice place, complete with Karaoke Bar, casino (though I don’t understand any of the monetary values) and everything.  The flight was good, very long, but good.  Man it is hard to sit in one place for 11 hours.  Watched a bunch of movies, looked at maps of the trek and mostly just stared out the window in amazement as we crossed over Alaska, the Bering Straight and eventually the Kamchatka Peninsula of Russia.  The plan from here is to check out Seoul tomorrow before we head back to the airport around 3pm and fly to Mongolia on the same flight we were supposed to take today. Apparently there was a tail wind that was too strong to land in the Ulaanbaatar so they basically canceled the flight.