Collecting scat in the search for the genes responsible for antibiotic resistance while on a big-wall climbing trip in Greenland. Photo by Mike Libecki

In advance of the 2018 Spotlight Health at the Aspen Ideas Festival, Aspen Public Radio is engaging in conversation with “inspiring and provocative” experts confronting challenges and developing solutions for issues of human health around the world.

One of those experts will sound very familiar.

Our Founder and Executive Director Gregg Treinish was featured recently, focusing on how the work of Adventure Scientists contributes to overall ecological health, that system that “enables nature to thrive––which in turn enables us to thrive.”

He also discusses the direct human-health impact of the work we’re doing with Harvard Medical School narrowing the search for the genes responsible for antibiotic resistance.

​Listen here:

​Also featured in this episode are Melanie Choukas-Bradley and Karen DeSalvo talking about how the extremes of the natural world can help us heal and cause us health risks as well.

To go deeper into the conversation, and discover more topics in human health featured at the Festival, check out the full archive of episodes.​