We have now spent four full days in Ullanbaator packing, shopping, eating, recovering from various ailments, and we are packed, we are ready, we are off.  At 7am tomorrow, Bataa will pick us up in a 12 passenger van and we will drive 683km to Moron where we will meet Mishig (our fixer) and spend the night before continuing on to Hatgal from where we will begin.  There is some question still if we will need to go to Ullan-Uhl to register our border permits or not (needed to go within 20km of the Russian Border).  If we do, this would add yet another day of driving.  As it is, the distance will take us about 2 days to reach Moron depending on roads, flat tires, and weather.  We have two drivers, we are hopeful of a effortless trip up to our “trailhead”.  

We expect to be unable to update while we travel, but will resume again Tuesday or Wednesday Mongolian time.  Can’t wait to see the Darhad, can’t wait to get on skis. 

After more than a year of prep off we go, well sort of anyway.  It likely won’t feel real until we actually start to hear the snow slide by under our skins.