Glacier Melt

Cascades Glacier Melt Project

The Project

We are looking for mountaineers and hikers going into the Cascades to participate in this project.  Glaciers are an important resource in the North Cascades region, and an iconic feature of North Cascades National Park. They are habitat for some species and provide vast amounts of cold fresh water during the region’s summer drought. Glaciers are melting rapidly from these mountains, however, and we estimate that we have lost about 53% of the glacier area in the past century. 

How Can You Participate?

Volunteers would independently measure melt at stakes placed on glaciers by NPS staff earlier in the year. They might also take some snow probe measurements at the stakes. All measurement procedures are outlined in a protocol that volunteers can take with them into the field. Volunteers would follow all NPS safety and glacier travel protocols.

How will the data be used?

Data will be used in annual technical reports, in five-ten year summary publications, and will be shared withe the World Glacier Monitoring Service Data would contribute directly to the NPS glacier monitoring program, and to regional understanding of the importance of glaciers.  Volunteers need to work independently, including all logistics.