Dupre’s expedition finds warmer temperatures than expected on Denali


Photos from Denali in January. Photo Credit www.oneworldendeavors.com

Lonnie Dupre is an experienced mountaineer and founder of One World Endeavors, a project that creates and leads expeditions to the coldest places on the planet with the goal of bringing awareness to these fragile environments.  This is Dupre’s 3rd attempt to summit Denali in January and he is collecting microbe samples for ASC along the way.  Read on for the latest update from www.oneworldendeavors.com.

On Sunday Lonnie spent the day at his current camp around 8800ft due to poor visibility and snow conditions. Filled mostly with anticipation to move onward, Lonnie passed the time with documenting via video, journal and listening to radio.

The current low pressure is causing heavy snowfall on Denali while leaving us, at a much lower elevation, with rain. An areal flood watch has been in effect from yesterday through Monday morning in Matanuska Valley, Susitna Valley, Prince William Sound and the Kenai Peninsula here in Alaska.

Lonnie’s been reporting temperatures on Denali at around zero degrees Fahrenheit, a 50-60 degree difference during his climb last year. He’s sleeping in one layer and conserving more energy usually used to keep warm. As comforting as this sounds, it is the very thing Dupre is hoping to bring to attention through this expedition and documentary. The earth’s frozen places are its thermostat, regulating the planet’s temperature and providing a stable environment for every other part of our world.

“For as long as I can remember, I have loved snow and ice. As a result, I have spent most of my life exploring the Arctic region. These journeys have brought such joy and beauty to my life that I have dedicated myself to helping preserve these wonderful frozen places. More than ever before, I a driven to share my passion for the Arctic, a region whose health and stability have far-reaching consequences for us all.” –Lonnie Dupre