Expedition To The Classroom

 News from Mt. Everest: Expedition to the Classroom to Stream Live
 on Tuesday May 15th, 8:20 a.m.!

Two Montana classrooms will have the opportunity to connect with world renowned mountaineers Willy and Damian Benegas, who are collecting plant life for Rusty Rodriguez on Mt. Everest this season, as they report live from  the Himalaya! A 6th grade class at Browning Elementary School and Paul Anderson’s AP Ecology class of Bozeman High School will both receive the live stream, getting a look at what life on Mt. Everest is like, and hearing some words about the challenging and  extraordinary experiences these guys have had  as they collect data on their expedition. Expedition to the Classroom is a perfect blend of adventure and science, and ASC is psyched both for the Benegas brothers and these students to make this thrilling and inspiring connection from across the globe!
Check out this video of Damian as he collects a sample of the highest known plant life on earth for ASC in May of 2011!

Expedition to the Classroom

We believe that one of the main ways to have a positive impact on natural environments is to inspire the next generation of adventurers and scientists alike.  


This is a video that high school students in Bozeman made for a kickstarter campaign

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Streaming Live Into Classrooms

We need your help to provide the equipment and bandwidth necessary to stream live from places like Mt. Everest and the Amazon into classrooms around the country.   Through satellite technology, we can now reach and inspire with live video feeds, chats, photos, voice conferencing and more.  This is however an expensive endeavor.  While we are currently writing grants and pursing this project, consider helping us out! 

From our Bozeman, MT – Antarctic Peninsula Expedition to the Classroom 11/17/2011

Developing curriculum with teachers

We will work directly with teachers to ensure that students have a hands on learning experience.  In many cases our students will collect similar data sets to our athletes in the areas around their school.  This represents an opportunity to make science “cool.”  If children can see tangible ways they
can get outdoors and simultaneously learn, contribute, and push themselves,
there is no doubt that the impact will be lasting and profound.

A 30 minute video call costs around $500    

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If you are interested in having your classroom participate, please email us at classrooms@adventureandscience.org