You can see ROZ’S ROUTE here. Each dot links to the blog from that day. 238 nautical miles to go. (This may be updated as the day goes on.)

My fishy friends are leaving me. The community of dorados that has kept me company for much of this voyage is slowly diminishing. Only one or two ghostly blue shapes occasionally flit beneath my boat, down from about twenty at its peak. Whereas I used to see twenty or thirty fishy backflips each day, I saw only one or two yesterday.

I feel quite bereft. They may not have been the chattiest of companions, but I found their presence quite reassuring, in a strange way. Of course, I knew they would have to peel away eventually as I approached landfall, but I still have many miles to go. They could have stuck around for a bit longer.

Do I sound like I’m sulking? Maybe I am. Rejection always hurts – even when the party doing the rejecting has fins and a tail.

Other Stuff:

I have had a small shark following my boat all day today. He is only 3 or 4 feet long, but I am still quite pleased that I have done my final barnacle-scrub for this voyage. I don’t want to lose any limbs at this stage!

Kristian glad to hear you’ve got the champagne on ice! Sandra is organizing some landfall celebration parties in various locations, and I know for sure there is going to be one in the Bay Area, so stay tuned for details!

Granny Dolores – thank you for your lovely message. It warmed my heart to hear about the lifestyle changes you are making for the greener – the Earth thanks you!

Quote for the day: “People are best convinced by reasons they themselves discover”(Benjamin Franklin)

Sponsored Miles: Thanks to Kit Mosden; some of yesterday’s miles were sponsored by an anonymous donor. Scott Wagner and Ian Hamby – thank you for your donations to miles beyond Roz’s present destination.